29 march 2004

9 Volt battery hack

The problem was that receivers for wireless microphones could only be powered
with 9 volt batteries. They don't have connectors for external power, or an
accessable 9V "clip" on which you could clip another 9v clip.
Because of the construction the only option seems to have a battery like device in it
with some wires coming out. So i tried modifing some 9v batteries.

Not all batteries where useable, but i had success with some of the ones with 6 AAAA
batteries in them. Pry open the bottom with a tiny screwdriver, remove the innards but save
the plastic "caps". Then fold a long strip of cardboard to replace the innards

Be carefull not to rip of the metal strips of the poles, as we need to solder wires on them.
I put a tie wrap on the wire as a sort of tension relief, to prevent the metal strips being
pulled of the poles.

And the last step is carefully pushing the bottom of shell closed

Some brands of 9V batteries seem to contain a small circuit board on which the "poles"
are mounted, these seem execelent replacement 9V battery adapters.