Denmark 2003

Confirmation party of my nephew

The place we rented It's actually pretty big
With a nice view
Even more view What no phone sockets ??
Practizing pyroma.. erm pyrotechnical skills. Watermill in Aarhus woods
My uncles place
My uncle testing overalls we brought Danish hood ornament
Nephew who had his confirmation party Teaching my uncle new dutch words
Danish branch of the family Sober
My aunt and her parents My mother and a friend performing
Multimedia system in moesgard museum
The sea Aarhus harbor
The beach More beach
Cards don't write themselfs Taking a boatride on the big lakes
Harbor on the island A place where we didn't stay
Another nephew A big tower next to the lake
From which you have a great view
Beach on the great lake
Tower on the highest spot (371 meters) From where you saw the big lakes
The big kolding castel Which was restored and holds loads of old and new exhibits
And dozens of Harleys 2003 harley
Elvis Harley
Paul on a harley Marga on a harley
Another exhibition And another one