6 march 2006

Cebit 2006 Sample box

On the 2006 Cebit we not only needed to demo our small Settopboxes but also one with a DVD-drive
and a VOIP modem but we didnt have a case for that purpose so i made one based on a PC case for settopboxes.

So i made a couple of "decks" in it from aluminium sheet, then removed a big piece of the back
and replaced it with aluminium sheet.

Note that the settopbox board is mounted on the top deck, and the modem and harddisk are mounted
on the bottom deck.

Here the DVD drive is also mounted.
Note that the front of the DVD-drive is a couple of centimeters in the plastic front of the case.
However on the show we had CNC-machined fronts that where only 5 millimeters thick, so i had to
slightly modify the case on the show so the drive would fit.
Also on the show we got the display assembly which i had to add.

And here is the actual case on the Cebit show.