Basic stamps

Assen museum

The museum in Assen has a ontdekkings kamer (discovery room)
where children can discover how live was for their ancestors.
There are a lot of things they can do or play with, but also there
are a dozen or so media boots or media caves where they can
listen to audio or view a video.
This installation was very old, so we had to replace the
current system with DVDplayers, and make a new control box.
In every boot there is a set of speakers and a motion detector,
when someone takes place in the booth the box is supposed to
start a DVD player.
The box is based on a Parallax javelin Java Stamp and sends
infra red remote signals to the DVDplayers.
Find here some picures of the installation:

Part of the "Discovery Room".

One of the "Audio boots".

Another audio boot.

The testbed of the circuit.

The circuit on an experimental board.

Puting together our device.

Wiring up the installation

The finished installation in action.