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Merlin II

Merlin is a system that interpretes a script and turns it into a GUI.
You can for instance make buttonlists and dockbars with it.
But you can do so much more with it.
It now has a build in 2D/3D graphics engine with which you can
render backgrounds, buttons, graphics or whatever you need.
Find here a picture of some of the possibilities:
(Note: that the background of my workbench is an Eric Schwartz picture)

Because it has an Arexx port, you can use it as the GUI of an
arexx program.
Also it's easy to make a small program that generates a GUI script
and starts the merlin GUI interpreter.
There are a couple of small tools provided with which you can
browse your harddisk.
In this picture there are some examples of this:

Merlin is a system to make GUI's to control your Amiga.
It has a very easy way to use MultiMedia windows in your aplications, which works with a GUI description language.
It has a Dynamic GUI engine, combined with a graphics engine.
Version 2 is a complete rewrite of Version 1, it is now based on my
crystal library .. so it has an abstraction layer for graphics systems.
Also it has my Excaliber graphics engine added a lot of features added and some bugs fixed.

All Merlin needs is Kickstart 2.0+
It should work on OCS, ECS, AGA and Paula audio.
Also if available it will use Picasso96, Cybergraphix or AHI cards.
I tested it on a PegasosI with Morphos 1.3 in 24 bit colors and it ran without problems,
I only needed to give the scripts a script flag with a "protect name +S" on the command line of a shell.

This version is shareware but copyrighted by A.P.Spijkerman.
You are allowed to download it for use on your system.
You are not allowed to distribute it.

At this moment some new features are under development, like
an intregrated programming language, a wizard to create scripts
and multiple windows per program.

Merlin I
Crystal lib.

scripts, pictures

no news

Mirror1 Download 500 kb (prefered !!)
Mirror2 Download 500 kb (if mirror1 doesnt work)

Merlin II

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