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This is a demonstration project of the Stampdock software.
("StampDock" is software that offers services to mbed's and parallax "BASIC Stamps")
If you have an MBED, LPCXpresso or parallax "basic stamp 2" with scratchpad memory (BS2p) or "javelin stamp" some
transistors then together with this software you can make a simple oscilloscope.

The oscilloscope has 2 channels with each a range of -1.5V to +1.5V or -15V to +15V.
Each channel can be selected as a trigger.
Each channel has a has a position slider.
It has 3 modes, xt scope, xy scope and xt recorder.

Note that this is more or less an open source oscilloscope as you can change the GUI
by modifying the stampdock.rsrc file and add or remove buttons.
You can add features by expanding the hardware or changing the embedded program.

You can download the complete project from this page.
The archive contains a lpcxpresso/mbed, "basic stamp" program that runs the hardware.
The stampdock windows/mac/linux software which acts as the display/gui of the mcu.
The diagram of the circuit required to do the measurements.

Note that as you can change the MCU code and the GUI layout this is more or less an open source instrument.
Which means with some simple edits in the code you can add more channels, as the chips have more
then 2 analog inputs.
Or if you have a fast ADC chip you can use that instead of the standard inputs, and change some lines in the code.
Or with some small changes in the code you can add a logic analyzer mode, or made a spectrum analyzer or wobler.
The limit is which LPC chip and IDE you use.
You could even change it into something completely different like a signal generator.

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[ click to enlarge ]
This is the system in action.
The curves shown are generated with an 10mhz oscillator and a 4040.
Note that you can change the GUI by editing the resource file of the stampdock software.


[ click to enlarge ]
The lpcxpresso/mbed circuit for the oscilloscope, note that you need the RS232 part only for lpcxpresso,
as the MBED has a virtual serial connection to the PC over its USB programming connection.
Instead of the transistor RS232 circuit you could also use a chip like a MAX232 but transistors
are probably more common with people who are interested in the circuit then RS232 chips.
If you also want to measure AC, you need to use a voltage divider with 2.5v for the signal ground.


[ click to enlarge ]
This is the circuit build on a small bread board.
In the upper left corner you can see a 10Mhz oscillator can and a 4040 divider which i used as a signal generator.


-Added double buffering so the screen doesn't flicker anymore.

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Latest version:
Mirror1 19-aug-11 Download V1.0 6MB Stampdock scope.

Older versions:
Mirror1 19-aug-11 Download V1.0 6MB Stampdock scope.

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