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This is a demonstration project of the Stampdock software.
("StampDock" is software that offers services to parallax "BASIC Stamps")

This project is a simple "javelin stamp" based wireless weather station.
It uses a very cheap 433.92 Mhz receiver from Conrad.com to receive signals from
the outdoor part of a "WS-2300 La Crosse weather station". Which in my case sends out signals
for outdoor temperature, air humidity, rain and wind speed and direction.

Note that the sensors i used apparantly send out 13 nybles in each data packet, i am not completely
sure but from what i read on internet there also might be La Crosse systems outthere that send out
11 nyble packets.

Also i added a TMP35/LM35 sensor for measuring indoor temperature and an old dew sensor from a VCR
to measure indoor humidity.
I used a LTC1298 ADC chip to measure the indoor temperature and humidity, but if you don't have one handy
you might be able to use the rctime command to read in values. You might want to check the stamp scope
project for some circuitry for that.

You can download the complete project from this page.
The archive contains a "Javelin stamp" program that acts as the weather station.
The weather station windows/mac/linux software which acts as the display/gui/storage of the "javelin stamp".

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This is the first version of the GUI of the system in action.
It shows a graph of last outdoor temperature and humidity values.
Beneath that it shows last measured temperature, humididity, rain and wind values.
The graph underneath that shows the last received puls train from the wireless outdoor station.
The bottom debug part shows type numbers of received packets, or the information inside of a packet
if there was a checksum error or if the packet wasn't recognized.
There is still room for a lot of improvement, like adding grid lines of 5 degrees to the graph. etc


[ click to enlarge ]
This is a picture of the hardware used to test.
It contains of the "Javelin stamp" connected to a 433 Mhz AM receiver.
An LTC1298 ADC chip, a TMP35 sensor and a dew sensor from an old VCR.


[ click to enlarge ]
Circuit diagram in more detail.
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Latest version:
Mirror1 1-sept-10 Download V1.0 6MB Stampdock weather station.

Older versions:
Mirror1 1-sept-10 Download V1.0 6MB Stampdock weather station.

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