My amigas

Note: I do most of the development on a Mac now, but also compile the source for
AmigaOS 4.0 on my AmigaOne

My current Amiga and development system as of 1999 is a desktop Commodore Amiga 4000.
It has a GVP G-Force 68040/40 Mhz processor card with 8MB of memory.
For storage i replaced the 120MB HD with a 4GB samsung IDE harddisk.
It used to have a 24x speed IDE CDrom drive but that is replaced with a 100MB IDE ZIP drive in a shuttle/bracket system.
To be able to use CDrom's it now has a Yamaha CRW8424S CD-rw in an external SCSI case.
To be able to use the CDrw, the A4000 now has a GVP A4008 SCSI zorro card, fitted with 8MB of memory and a 1GB fujitsu harddisk.
Also it has a Ariadne Ethernet network card.
And a MacroSystem VLab video digitizer card.
The VLab card recently got replaced by a Picasso IV multimedia card, with video in and out, sound in and out and a flicker fixer/scan doubler for the native video signal.
At the moment it uses a Dynalink V1456E-R2 serial 56K modem.
The a4000 came with a magni genlock, which is stored now.

My previous production machine was an amiga 2000.
It came with a A2088 PC emulator and a A1084S monitor.
It was my main machine from 1989 to 1999.
After a year i got a Golem harddisk card of 40MB for it, which was basically a PC MFM controller and NEC HD on a big zorro board.
Shortly after that i got a 2400 baud bausch modem and started to call BBSes.
This harddisk died after a couple of years, and was replaced with a macrosystem evolution SCSI controller with a 240MB quantum harddisk.
At about the same time in 1992 i got an A2630 turboboard with 4 MB ram, and started to run a BBS on it.
Not much later i got a Suprafax 14k4 modem. A couple of years later i got a 250MB SCSI tape streamer and a 1x speed SCSI SONY CDrom which where placed in an old XT case first, but in some SCSI cases later.
Around 1995 the harddisk died again and was replaced with an IBM SCSI 512MB one.
In 1999 it got an Ariadne ethernet board, to copy the content to the A4000, because the SCSI board didn't work in the A4000.
After the a4000 arrived it ran a while as server, until the harddisk died again.
However if necessary it can be ressurected with boards from the A4000.
Also the A2000 went trough 3 fans until now.

My first amiga was an Amiga 500 which i got in 1987 and used it until i got the Amiga 2000 in 1989.
It was a 512KB machine, later I upgraded to 1MB with clock and an external diskdrive.

Amiga 500

The Amiga 500 .. the first affordable Amiga.

Amiga 2000

Much like a A500 but with ZORRO, video, processor and ISA card slots.

Amiga 4000

With the A4000 came 8 bit color.