Older news:

17-oct-2003 .... Released the completely rewritten Merlin II, GUI tool !

17-feb-2003 .... Find the last Inga AmigaDE beta here, includes some photos.

27-dec-2002 .... Find the 2nd Crystal beta here, soon to be updated with Inga.

20-dec-2002 .... QLinks a little Amiga program to make a 2D HTML screen of a list of links

28-aug-2002 .... Updated the Crystal library to AmigaDE 1.3
The library makes it possible to write software for all generations of Amiga hardware and all graphics cards. Licensing available.
Demo includes 3D games, and fully in text configurable dialogs using my excaliber and merlin engines.

27-aug-2002 .... I'll need a new job from the 30th of september find my resume here.

26-aug-2002 .... Redone the site, which means old bookmarks won't work anymore. Soon it will be reachable as www.APSDev.com

18-aug-2002 .... Experimented with LCD's for AmigaOne cases.
They will be available as text and graphical, and as serial and USB devices. Pictures are here.

15-may-2002 .... Started porting the Inga game engine to a number of targets for Inutilis Software and Computer City using my Crystal library.
Find the pressrelease at the Amiga Inc. web site here.

01-jan-2002 .... Started development on MediaPoint for Computer City.

01-dec-2001 .... Started development of AmigaDE PDA games in cooperation with Amiga Inc. using my Crystal library.