The Crystal Library

Test program for the Crystal library Build 70

(c) APSpijkerman 1992-2002

This program was made to do development of the Crystal library.
This Engineering release was made for development of parts of
Inga, MediaPoint, AmigaDE games and MerlinNG.

It contains the QConv tool, which is a tiny tool which converts sound and picture
files to IFF's .. it's needed by some programs like merlin.
It uses dataTypes and replaces all the custom convert code.
It runs on a classic Amiga.

It contains the Updated soundhandler, which is a background task which handles
sound msg requests from other programs like the Choplift3D game.
It runs on Classic systems it handles Paula and AHI.
AHI might give some trouble as it is fairly untested.

Also it contains the test program ... which is the crystal library with a Merlin,
Excaliber and game frontend.
It runs on Classic machines with AGA, Picasso96 and Cybergraphics.
It also runs on the AmigaDE virtual computer.
(Please set the stack on P96 machine to 8192 or higher !!)

It selects the best graphics mode automatically.
Or use the next flags to select a mode:
-A = AGA, -P = Picasso, -C = Cybergraphics

With the games -B is a borderless window.
With games you can scale the window with -Snn where nn is a number.
The default value is 16 ... so use something like -S32 for a big window.
Also the screen of a game can be saved with the S key.
To ram: on a classic machine, and default dir on AmigaDE.
Games can be quit with the Q key or the escape key.

The Crystal Library

AmigaDE version of the program.

Download the the last beta of crystal.
Includes executable for classic amiga and AmigaDE V1.30.
cryst2.lha 350kB DOWNLOAD

Usage: (on AmigaDE replace "test" with "./test.00")

Interprete merlin GUI scripts

test <- interprete main.mcp
test 1 <- interprete main.mcp
test 1 test <- interprete test.mcp

Note that some merlin concepts as arexx are
not support at this moment.

Interprete excaliber graphics scripts

test 2 <- interprete zircon.scr
test 2 test <- interprete test.scr

This is the full excaliber interpreter

Execute some graphics calls

test 3

Choplift3D Game
This is a 3D game with textures and shaded graphics.
Some of the textures are actually excaliber scripts, lists
of vector graphics calls which are rendered at load time.
On a classic machine this game can be controlled with a joystick.
Note that turns and up and down are made by handling the stick while
the firebutton is pressed !!
Also the game on all targets can be controlled by the numerical keyboard.
Where the + and the - keys are for regulating height.
(note that + and - are interpreted the wrong way around !)

test 4 <- Choplift3D mode.

Very old mode from Elite like game .. need to put in a newer version
The game on all targets can be controlled by the numerical keyboard.

test 5 <- Elite like game