The Crystal Library

Crystal library

Written by Arend-Paul Spijkerman

(c) copyright 1992-2004

The crystal library is a system made to be able
to compile programs for a number of targets.

It makes it possible to write a program on a classic
amiga and compile it also for AmigaDE, Amiga OS4.0,
Morphos, Apple Macintosh OS9 and OSX and Windows (.NET).

Which makes it very easy to write software for the AmigaDE,
because it uses the classic style and can be ran
on classic amigas before compiling on AmigaDE is attempted.
Or the AmigaDE will be made to look like a classic system.
Also P96 and AHI is supported for compiling under AOS 4.0
And because of the CyberGfx support you can use it on Morphos.

This library was made in the first place by the
programmer to make his work easier to develop
games and other aplications for new generation
amigas and perhaps other systems like macs.

The source tree contains the Choplift3d game, Merlin II
GUI interpreter language, excaliber picture render language, start of the Elite and Sphere game, and the Inga game.

It has 3 major goals:

-It has a library that makes it possible to compile
sources for the classic amiga on AmigaDE and Mac.

-It has an abstraction layer that makes it possible
to use old style classic amiga graphics calls that get
translated to other graphics systems.
It also embeds support for P96 and cybergraphics and Mac.

-It adds a lot of functionality like 24 bit graphics
with 2D and 3D and a dynamic GUI library.
A 3D game engine.
This is a major advantage, because you use one type
of GUI call .. and it still compiles on different

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