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Arend-Paul Spijkerman's Development Site

AMIGA Product Software Development

APS Tech.

Aardbeving app.



technical videos

Merlin Web Browser

APS Tech.
A web browser for Amiga, PC and Mac.


APS Tech.
Software for "basic stamps" and microcontrollers.

Trion BBS

APS Tech.
Amiga Trion BBS System.

Violin Game

APS Tech.
A violin game for Android, PC and Mac.


APS Tech. APS Tech. APS Tech. APS Tech. APS Tech.
My android apps.

Crystal library

APS Tech.
The crystal library is a framework and library programmed in C, so a program has to be written only once, and can be ran on Android, Linux, Amiga (NG), Mac and Windows systems. It supports dynamic GUI's that can be updated via internet. Playback of Audio and Video. Ad's. 2D and 3D graphics, picture files, memory tracking, networking etc... Makes it possible to write and debug Android software on Mac or Windows, and it gives you for instance a windows version of your app.

Vtuner software

Video software

Presentation software

Airport software

little hacks

MicroController projects




23-oct-2013 .... Android apps .... Android

Find some pictures of my Android apps here.

01-jan-2013 .... Android tablets .... Android

We got some nice kruidvat android tablets, find a little unboxing and review here.

01-dec-2012 .... Little hacks .... Electronics

Find some pictures of little electronics hacks here.
i collected them on a page, so i have some where to point when people ask for them.

01-jul-2010 .... New Stampdock Demos .... Win,Mac,Lin,Controllers

I made some demos for the stampdock software, like how to make an oscilloscope with a basic stamp,
or how to make a camera with a mouse and a basic stamp, or how to make a
remote control or radio scanner with a basic stamp.

01-jan-2010 .... Violin Game .... Win,Mac

Find some pictures of the Mac/Win violin game software here,
it is educational software that shows kids how close they are to playing the right note on a violin !

08-jul-2009 .... Merlin Sequencer.... Win,Mac

Find a demo of the Mac/Win/Lin Merlin Sequencer software here.

08-apr-2009 .... VTuner application.... Win,Mac

Find a demo of the Mac/Win vTuner internet radio software here.

27-mar-2009 .... Merlin Web Browser.... Amiga,Win,Mac,Lin

First look of the Merlin Web browser for Mac,Win,Amiga which is part of the NarrowCasting software.

23-aug-2008 .... Stampdock Software.... Win,Mac,Lin,Controllers

I have written a program called Stamp dock which makes it possible to display graphics with a basic stamp on a PC, so now you can plot graphs .. make a GUI .. store data .. make sound and do other things without needing external hardware.

15-mar-2007 .... Settopbox sample

Made a Sample STB for the Cebit show.

25-feb-2007 .... Settopbox board in a VCR case

What do you do with a STB board ? Build it in a case of an old DVD player !

08-feb-2007 .... Airport software

Added a information page on Airport a system to show arrivals and departures on airports.

31-jan-2007 .... Merlin video application.... Win,Mac

Added a information page on MerlinApp an internet video deliverance system.

01-jul-2006 .... AHT-International

Doing contract work for AHT-international developing digital TV software for PC's, Mac's and settopboxes.

28-Feb-2006 .... Cebit

Find Pictures of our Cebit booth.

28-feb-2006 .... Settopbox sample

Made a Sample STB for the Cebit show.

28-Feb-2006 .... P2Pod mockups

Made some stb Mockups for the Cebit show using basic stamps.

05-dec-2005 .... Linux versions

Added some photos of Linux versions of Inga, ImageFX, FotoFoto, etc.

05-dec-2005 .... WMV9 player

Added some photos of WMV9 Player on Mac, x86 SUSE and PPC SUSE linux.

01-dec-2004 .... ImageFX 2.0

Added some photos of ImageFX2 for Nova Design running on MacOS9, MacOSX, Win2000, Amiga, AmigaOne and Pegasos.

01-dec-2004 .... FotoFoto

Added some photos of FotoFoto for Computer City running on MacOS9, MacOSX, Win2000, Amiga, AmigaOne and Pegasos.

01-jul-2004 .... Inga game

Ported the Inga game engine and other programs in my source tree to Macintosh and Windows using my Crystal library.

29-mar-2004 .... 9 Volt batteries

Hacked some 9V batteries so they can be used to power receivers for wireless microphones.

25-dec-2003 .... ADSL

It finally happend, we now have fast and flatrate Internet via ADSL.

17-oct-2003 .... Merlin II

Released the completely rewritten Merlin II, GUI tool !

30-jun-2003 .... Museum Assen

Added some pictures of an installation we did in Assen.

01-jun-2003 .... Denmark 2003

Added some pictures of our stay in Denmark.

17-may-2003 .... Museum Heerenveen

Added some pictures of an installation we did in Heerenveen.

15-may-2003 .... Drivers license

Got my drivers license !!

17-feb-2003 .... Inga game

Find the last Inga AmigaDE beta here, includes some photos.

27-dec-2002 .... Crystal demo

Find the 2nd Crystal beta here, soon to be updated with Inga.

20-dec-2002 .... QLinks

QLinks a little Amiga program to make a 2D HTML screen of a list of links

28-aug-2002 .... Crystal demo

Updated the Crystal library to AmigaDE 1.3
The library makes it possible to write software for all generations of Amiga hardware and all graphics cards. Licensing available.
Demo includes 3D games, and fully in text configurable dialogs using my excaliber and merlin engines.

27-aug-2002 .... Job

I'll need a new job from the 30th of september find my resume here.

26-aug-2002 .... Site

Redone the site, which means old bookmarks won't work anymore. Soon it will be reachable as www.APSDev.com

18-aug-2002 .... LCD's

Experimented with LCD's for AmigaOne cases.
They will be available as text and graphical, and as serial and USB devices. Pictures are here.

15-may-2002 .... Inga game

Started porting the Inga game engine to a number of targets for Inutilis Software and Computer City using my Crystal library.
Find the pressrelease at the Amiga Inc. web site here.