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About me.

APS Tech.

My name is Arend-Paul Spijkerman (but i'm also known to listen to 'Paul' or even 'A.P.').
I was born in city of Purmerend in the Netherlands in 1968, later lived in Zaandam until my family moved
to the countryside in the north-east of the Netherlands when i was aged 10.
i learned electrical engineering (at C-level with German) ('80-'84) at the LTS in Musselkanaal.
i studied electronics (with telecommunication) ('84-'88) at the MTS in Stadskanaal.
and technical computer science (= computer science plus electronics) ('88-'92) at the HTS in Emmen.

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Computer Experience.

My first computer which i bought in march 1983 was a Commodore Vic-20, on that i learned
basic and general computing.

My next computer was a Commodore 64 which i bought in July 1984, which i programmed in basic
and assembler. From little Games and Demos .. to a simple layer over the system with a GUI and
multitasking .. and a program to write music paper.

I owned a Sinclair QL from November 1986, which i basically used for rendering things in higher resolution.

My first Amiga 500 computer i bought in August 1987, which i programmed in Basic and C.

In januari 1989 i bought an Amiga 2000 with a PC emulator card .. so it was both an Amiga and a PC.
I used it to program and run my BBS system software on it.

However in april 1991 i got my first PC which was an Epson Equity LT laptop, which made it easier to
demonstrate software elsewhere.

I started to use Apple macintoshes at work in 1999, and got some of myself soon after.
Followed by an iphone in 2011 and android in 2013.
And had a Linux installation on PC from around 2000.

Services I can provide.

-Software development for Mac, Windows, Amiga, Android and Linux.
-Programming of internet programs, video programs, GUI and graphics programs.
-Programming of 8 & 32 bit microcontrollers and processors, Scenix SX, PIC, 6502, Z80, ARM, XMOS.
-Programming of MBED, lpcxpresso, javelin stamp, basic stamp devices.
-Digital and Analogue circuit designs.
-Prototyping of small devices.
-Make simple websites. (Using HTML, CSS and javascript) Like apsdev.com


To make software developing easier, i have written a C library that provides a
lot of functionality and compiles on MS Windows x86 and MS Windows .NET, it compiles
on apple Mac using Codewarrior or XCode, it compiles on Linux using GCC and
it compiles on old and new Amigas using SAS-C or GCC.

Which means, i can develop a program on one machine .. say a Mac with codewarrior,
and then copy the source code to the other platforms and compile working executables
without the need of making changes.

The library contains basic functionality but also more complex functionality.
Like functions to allocate memory (with build in code to check if all memory was
deAllocated without being overwritten) and functions to handle doubly linked lists.
There are file access functions, including more complex functions to load line formated
files or XML files.
There is a library of "save" functions to handle text strings.
Also it contains functions for internet access, and client/server logic.
It contains functions to load and save pictures, and to do all sort of functions
to perform actions on pictures, like scaling, texturing etc.
There is even an engine for 2D/3D games.

Some of the more complex functions are the Dynamic GUI engine, this part handles
all of the setting up, displaying and handling of GUIs. Where the GUI can contain
background pictures, and all kind of effects.
The GUI can even be defined in a text file, so it can easily be changed later.
So to handle the GUI the main program only needs a handfull of calls.
The GUI code has enough functionality so it can be used in my webbrowser.
Also on Mac and windows there is a video play object, so videos can be shown in the GUI.
There is an audio player for Mac, Windows, Android etc which supports MP3 and avi tags.

Work Experience.

Own projects: 1986-
-Written software on a Commodore64 to create musical scores. Info
Radio Holland Lauwersoog (and Delfzijl):
-Installation and repair of nautical electronics like radar, radio (marifoon), sonar, depth meters, syledis navigation, building antennas.
Molnylycke hoogezand:
-Made a database of all the electric motors in the buildings.
-Debugged machines that regulated humidity of pulp.
-Written reports about workings of sub systems.
Honeywell Emmen:
-Assembling robots for production line.
-Etching and soldering of circuit boards.
-Writing and modifying PLC programs for production lines.
-Modyfying production machines.
HTS Emmen:
-Build a sound recognition system.
Own projects: 1992-1999
-Written extensions for the Xenolink BBS program, like tools for nodelists and games.

-Written the Trion BBS (Bulletin Board Software) system for Commodore Amiga computers... Info
A BBS system is a computer useally at someone's home (in the age before the internet)
that people call with their computer and a modem to chat, exchange mail or download or play games.
The system is Multinode and has a internal server program for resources like messages, files etc.
for the nodes and mail and file processors to use.
It has a front end calling/answering software for automated login, or transfer to other software
like fax software .. and has an automated file exchange mode. So it can call other systems at night
and exchange mail and files.
It has mail and file processors to route those through the network of computers.
It has a RIPscrip interpreter for screens with RIP graphics.
Dashboard software. And configurable GUI software to follow whats going on and control all aspects.
Plugin games like tetris. BBS screen effects plugins, general BBS plugins like chat and mail editors. Info

-Ran an Amiga bbs system as host for a decade for all amiga mail/files for all Amigas BBSes in the northeast of the netherlands. Info

-Merlin GUI system. (or GUI language for a dynamic GUI engine)
The merlin GUI system was a system to make some sort of dashboard for your Amiga computer with pictures and buttons
and other GUI elements. And can be controlled by scripts like arexx or the internal type.
It worked a bit like a webbrowser for desktop or Windows8 .. but was made in the days before internet. Info

-Written plugins for the ImageFX software for Nova Design to for instance add fireworks to animations.

-Written Amiga software to recover source code from crashed HDs.

-Written 3D games like choplift3D that where demoed by Computer city rotterdam on the new
AmigaDE operating system on Linux, windows and zaurus portables. Info Info
Rorke data Emmen (later Bell Micro after takeover): 1999-2003
-Work on prepress software source code on Macs.
-Implementation of sorts of image compression like G3/G4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
-Conversion of projects to different Operating Systems..
-Implementation of features like scatterproof.
-Testing and debugging.
Image+ Digital BV te Onstwedde 2003-2003:
-Worked shortly on systems to make photographs on rides.
Own company (APSDev.com) Consulting for individuals and companies: 2003-....
Writing custom software, development of hardware.
Consulting, makeing websites, repairing.
internal project development: -Written custom software (library/framework) to compile program code on different platforms which makes it easy
to port software written for one platform (like Amiga) to a lot of other platforms.
Also it makes it possible to write software once, instead of having to write it several times for several platforms.
And it makes it possible to develop software for Android, but to write and test it on PC or Mac.
It works on a lot of platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Amiga and Android.
The library supports things like Dynamic Graphical User Interface (GUI)..
A User interface can be defined in a text file and updated over internet and contain news articles or advertizements.
It supports video, custom fast high compression picture storage, Sound, 3D rendering etc.
-Stampdock graphical software for microcontrollers.
The software connects via a serial connection to microcontrollers and provides services
like graphics, graphical interface with buttons, meters, sliders knobs etc, data storage, time service etc.
Made all kind of demos for microcontrollers like: basic stamp, javelin stamp, mbed, lpcxpresso, arduino.
-Accepted as an "AmigaOS core developer" by Steven Solie (AmigaOS Development Team Lead for hyperion entertainment). -Written a Webbrowser for Amiga computers. Info
-Written an android/macbook Earthquake app. Info
-Written an android app for a cheese salesman.
-Written the company website. Info
-Made tools to generate websites from templates with for instance QLinks to make 2D screens with Links,
excaliber to render pictures from scripts.
AVSA Video Team Assen (run by Jozef Abee)
-Build custom electronics and computers to control banks of DVD players for museums in for instance Assen and Heerenveen.
-Program custom scripted or interactive software for video/slide presentations for museums.
With customizable screens with multiple videos or slide shows at the same time with crossfades. Info
-Developing and building custom devices, like custom 9v adapters to power wireless microphone receivers. Info
-Repair of video equipment.
Computer city Rotterdam (sultan software brand run by Ron van Herk):
-Porting software designed for Amiga computers like the Inga Game to other platforms like PC, mac, linux
using my Crystal library.
-Attempted to port Amiga software like Mediapoint software to other platforms using my Crystal library.
-Written FotoFoto game software for different systems.
-Attempted to connect devices like Parallel MP3 players to Amiga computers.
Nova Design run by Kermit Woodall:
-Build a fully working prototype GUI (graphical user interface) for PC, Mac, Amiga etc for their
next generation ImageFX video effects software. Info
-Worked on plugins for ImageFX.
AHT International (run by Ron van Herk, producing television SetTopBoxes)
-Demo of settopbox software that runs on PC and Mac laptops, to demonstrate video streaming and how settopboxes will work.
-announcement software for Airports for linux settopboxes. Info
-WMV decoder for older generation settopboxes that don't have hardware WMV decoders. Info
-Vtuner internet radio/television application for Mac/Windows
and VTuner DLL as plugin for PC software and a library for settopboxes. Info
-Build prototypes of settopboxes for shows. Info Info
-Build several electronic props for shows. Info
-Software to provide video services on PC and macs for companies like Streamwax, that included GUI definitions and graphics downloadable via internet. And options for news articles and advertizements.
-Custom video delivery software for events like Rizla racing, Bavaria racing, Olympics, Vietnam TV etc. Info
-DRM (video copyright protection) prototypes for encrypting P2P internet video streams, based on virtual machines and a server. Info
-Internet spiders to find internet video streams.
-Written parts like sliding menus for settopboxe. Info
-Written a Webbrowser for settopboxes. Info
-Written software to decode and repair MPEG video streams.
CYMTV (who sell android HDMI sticks to deliver TV signals over internet with Peer2Peer technology)
-Internet spiders to find internet video streams.
-Video remote control software.
-Violin learning game for PC, Mac & Android. Info
-Solar system monitor for PC, Mac & Android.
ROHS (run by Jair Romer):
-Demo turntable app for PC, Mac & Android.. Info
-Jukebox software for PC, Mac & Android.. Info
CDN (..):
-Server software

Projects done.

- Suzuki Violin software for Mac.
The suzuki violin program is a game to where you get points when you correctly play the score.
It was made to make violin lessons more interesting.

- Merlin Web browser for Mac, Windows and Amigas.

Merlin is a new development, that runs on Classic Amigas, modern Amigas, Mac and
Windows. While using only megabytes to run.
The browser supports Stylesheets (CSS) and javascript, but that is not completely finished yet.
Although the development is fairly recent, it does display most amiga sites.
Sites like AmigaWorld and google work.
This project was started as a Webbrowser for settopboxes of AHT running linux,
but right now it is more orientated at Amiga computers.

- Web Spider for Mac, Windows, Linux and Amigas.
This is software created for AHT-international to find internet video channels.

- vTuner internet radio for Mac, Windows and Linux.

This is the vTuner application, which more or less was made to develop, test and demonstrate
the vTuner linux library and windows DLL i made for settopboxes and software from AHT-International.
vTuner is an internet radio(/television) system, there is a server with almost all internet
radio channels (and some tv channels) with which the application can communicate.
The database is ordered in different hierarchies through which the user can browse,
to select channels. The server works by sending XML files to the client, the file
contains lists of categories and channels.

- Merlin sequencer software for Mac and Windows.

The sequencer is a program to deliver video and diashow presentations, fully
automated or with interaction of users.
Because of the build in "basic" script language you can make the shows as complicated as you want.
It is a bit like a simple narrowcasting or digital signage system.
The sequencer is a system with which you can define screens in a GUI language.
A screen can contain one or more players, buttons to start videos and streams, buttons to go
to other screens and all kind of graphics and logos.
Each screen can have a script to handle sequences of videos and pictures, and to interact with users.
This software was made for AHT settopboxes, and to run on Macs or PCs in museums.

- Stamp dock software for Mac and Windows.

The software makes it possible to display graphics with a basic stamp on a PC,
so now you can plot graphs .. make a GUI .. store data .. make sound and do other
things without needing external hardware. To be published in an electronics magazine in 2010.

- Airport software for Mac and Windows.

The airport system is to display arrivals and departures on displays on airports
It interpretes scripts which show pictures or video streams overlayed with text.
The server and clients run on Mac and windows.
This software was made for AHT-international, to run on settopboxes on Airports.

- A DRM system which consists of a server and client (Video Player) made for video and especially
P2P video for AHT to be able to show video secure on settopboxes.

- MerlinApp internet video deliverance system for Mac and Windows.

MerlinApp is a fully configurable system to be able to deliver video over internet.
This software was developped for AHT-international and streamwax.com, and has been adapted
for projects like bavaria racing, rizla racing, NOC/NSF and vietnam TV.

- WMV9 media player for Mac, x86 SUSE and PPC SUSE linux.

This was a software project for AHT to make it possible to play WMV9 video on
PowerPC based settopboxes, as the hardware could only decode MPEG.

- ImageFX2 for Mac, Windows, Linux and Amiga.
This was a software project for Nova Design to develop the GUI for a new version of
the ImageFX graphics software.

- Foto Foto software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Amiga.
This was a software project for Computer City to develop the game in which people had
to find differences between 2 photos.

- Inga game engine software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Amiga.
This was an assignment of Inutilis Software and Computer City to port the Amiga Inga game engine
to other platforms like AmigaDE, mac and windows.

- Trion BBS system software for Amiga computers.
This is complete multinode BBS, which can handle a number of phone lines to handle
manual logins, or exchange mail with other BBS systems.

- Chop lift 3D game software for AmigaDE, Amiga, Mac and Win.
This is a simple 3D game where you fly a helicopter over a 3D landscape
and have to rescue people.

- DVD control system for the museum of Assen.
This is a system basic on a javelin stamp, to control a set of DVD players that
play audio when visitors pass sensors, or "dial" a track using phones.

- DVD control system for the museum in Heerenveen.
This is a system basic on a javelin stamp, to control a DVD player that
plays audio when visitors press buttons.

- Custom STB box 07
This is a custom settopbox i build, shown at the Cebit show.

- Custom STB box 06
This is a custom settopbox i build, shown at the Cebit show.

- P2Pod mockup
These are small boxes with moving lights on them, based on a basic stamp.
Their only function was the be an visual ornament on Cebit shows, where they where
presented as "P2Pods".



Copyright 2001 by Arend-Paul Spijkerman